“A mother's treasure is her daughter"

Being a Bespoke Jeweller I am very fortunate to be apart of so many different commissions and the beautiful stories that accompany them. Just like the one below...

I was recently entrusted to 'replicate' a very special gold ring for a friend and client of mine. The original signet ring on the left had been adored and desired by my friend's daughter for as long as she could remember. So as a special birthday gift we created one, almost identical for her very own.

To do this we took a direct mold from the original ring, then cast it in gold using the ancient technique of 'Lost Wax Casting'. This fascinating process involves putting the molded wax ring in a plaster mix and then melting away the wax in a furnace. Once the wax has disappeared, we then inject the molten gold into the cavity that the wax left behind. . This technique, save a few modern tweaks has remained relatively unchanged for thousands of years.

As you can see, the only subtle difference between the two are the different hand engraved initials. The cherry on top for these future heirlooms, is the fact that both rings will eventually be handed down to the daughters two sons. How great is that!

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