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Traditionally, engagement rings for men may have not been a hugely common request, though lately I have found them to be very much on trend.

men's white gold engagement ring with fingerprint and sapphire

Last month I was engaged by a colleague at our Melbourne studios to help create something really special. Jasmine had recently been proposed to with a beautiful Australian blue sapphire engagement ring. Being the absolute gem that she is, Jasmine felt it only fair that her fiance should have an engagement ring too!

Jasmine is fantastic artist and graphic designer and was able to provide me an incredibly clear image of what she had envisaged. Together, we were able to lock in a great concept and design.

Once we had established the overall shape and size of the ring itself, we then combined two vital elements really bring this awesome bespoke signet ring to life.

First we added a nice and subtle small Australian blue sapphire in the top corner to beautifully to match the sapphire in Jasmine's engagement ring. Then we took an ink impression of Jasmines fingerprint and had it laser engraved into the top plate.

As you can see the end result is a very special, super stylish white gold gents engagement ring.

You can really feel the grooves of the fingerprint engraving, so even when Jasmine and her fiance are apart their hands still touch.

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