A Lovely Tail

Dennis the Dachshund

With every custom made piece of jewellery we design, there is always a nice little story that goes with it. Here is one I would love to share with you.

Not too long ago I was contacted by Amber and Peter of North Melbourne to help design their perfect engagement ring.

Amber and Peter had 4 elements which they had hoped to incorporate into their bespoke ring . These ideas were to represent the most important people* in their lives.

Firstly, to celebrate Peter's Irish family we included a Celtic knot pattern to the design, not only did that represent his Irish heritage but also the Celtic knot itself is said to symbolize how life and eternity are interconnected.

Secondly, Amber had inherited a diamond and gold ring from her Austrian great grandmother, after safely removing these beautiful old cut diamonds we were able to utilize and reuse them into sections of the white gold Celtic knots.

Next was how to pay homage to Amber's mothers Australian side. To do this we sourced 3 stunning Australian blue sapphires for our lovely couple to choose from at our Melbourne studio. After taking a little time to view the gemstones in both daylight and under indoor lighting, Amber chose the pick of the litter.

Last but not least... We had to include Dennis the Dachshund, which I think we did perfectly with a sweet little silhouette engraved inside of the white gold band.

The end result speaks for itself. I think Dennis approves!

If you look closely you can see the the silhouette of a cute little sausage dog called Dennis.

Thank you for taking the time to read our little post and be sure to check us out on Instagram and Facebook to keep up to date on all of our projects.

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