5 Fun Facts about Gold

Gold is truly incredible! Human beings have used gold to adorn themselves since at least 4000 B.C. From the amazing works of the Aztecs and ancient Egyptians to the sunken treasure of the Spanish galleons, its rarity and beauty has captured our imagination since the earliest of times.

Here are 5 fun facts you might not have known about gold.

1) Gold is Alien- Nearly all of the gold on Earth came from meteorites that bombarded the planet over 200 million years after it formed.

2) Return to outer space- An astronaut’s helmet visor has a coating of gold so thin that it is partially transparent. The astronauts can see through it, but even this thin layer reduces glare and heat from sunlight

3) Gold is incredibly malleable- A single ounce of gold (about the size of a 20 cent piece) can be drawn into a wire 80 kilometers long.

4) Gold is reusable – Gold can be melted and refined over and over again without compromising its molecular structure. Seventy-five percent of all gold in use today has been extracted since 1910. In fact all the gold ever mined in the world would fill just 3 Olympic swimming pools.

5) Sunken treasure - Oceans are the greatest single reservoir of gold at Earth's surface, containing approximately eight times the total quantity of gold mined to date. However, there is currently no economical means of retrieving it.

Today jewellers melt and forge ingots of gold into amazing wearable works of art, using similar techniques developed by ancient civilizations.

Orion Joel is a qualified and accredited second generation jeweller based in Melbourne, Australia. He is trained in all aspects of jewellery manufacture and repair and has 16 years' experience in the industry.

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