Healing with Fire

Divorce is a difficult thing to go through. Wedding rings and other jewellery feel like a weight and all good memories disappear with the trauma of a break up. What can you do with it?

Well, unless your jewellery is exceptionally rare and significant it is almost impossible to sell as many others see it as a sign of bad luck.

Recycling your jewellery and giving it a new story is an alternative solution. Last year Orion Joel worked with a special client from Canberra to recycle her jewellery. Together they came up with a design, and throughout the process Orion Joel sent through images of the melting of 18ct wedding and engagement rings, bracelets and pendants all being transformed into a new diamond bangle.

“The process was exceptionally healing for me; Orion Joel was sensitive to my situation and helped me create a new story for my jewellery. He sent through images of the jewellery being melted down and being cleansed by fire. The two main diamonds represent my two sons, the circle of gold the strength of our family and I now have a stunning piece of jewellery I’m proud to wear everyday”.

For Orion Joel it's incredibly rewarding to be able to help people get through an emotional and stressful time, and create a new piece of jewellery and a new story for them.

If you’re considering having your jewellery made into something new, here’s 5 ideas for you:

1 [endif]Men’s rings can be turned into signet rings or family crest rings.

2 [endif]Gemstones can be split between multiple pieces of jewellery

3 [endif]Earrings and pendants can be turned into rings and bangles or vice versa

4 Be bold! [endif]Design yourself a big, bold dress ring, go out and feel good!

5 Recycle your jewellery, create pieces for your children, grandchildren other loved ones

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