How to Keep Your Jewellery Looking its Best

Wedding, engagement and dress rings worn all day everyday eventually lose their shine and lustre. Rings in particular are susceptible to damage when you go about your daily routine.

Here are 5 tips from Orion Joel Custom Jewellery for keeping your rings looking their best!

  1. Try to avoid wearing your rings while gardening, exercising at the gym, cleaning and using harsh chemicals. Have a safe place and container (e.g. ring box or velvet pouch) handy to store your jewellery while you’re carrying out these chores.

  2. Clean your rings once a month at home using a toothbrush, dishwashing liquid and warm water. Immerse your jewellery in soapy water and gently brush around the stones and behind the setting to remove dirt and other residue.

  3. To bring your treasures back to prime condition once a year book in with your trusted, jeweller for a ‘clean and check-up’. Just like your dentist checks your teeth for decay and cleans them properly or your mechanic services your car, your jeweller will treat severe scratches and gouges, ensure gemstones are safe and secure, give your rings a professional clean and bring back that brilliant shine.

  4. Over time white gold wedding, engagement and dress rings will start to lose their bright, white lustre and will appear dull or yellowy grey. This can be remedied by having your rings (and pendants or earrings) ‘rhodium plated’. This process gives white gold its ultra-white colour and protects against tarnish and corrosion by applying an ultra-fine coating of the rare precious metal rhodium.

  5. When serious situations occur, e.g. lost or broken diamonds or gemstones or damage to settings occurs, speak directly to the jeweller and discuss any work that might be required and if you’re concerned be sure to get a second opinion.

Orion Joel is a qualified and accredited jeweller with studios in Melbourne and NSW's Central Coast in Australia. He is a second generation jeweller with 16 years in the industry.