Exclusive Range​

At Orion Joel Custom Jewellery we are constantly designing new and interesting ranges of jewellery for a whole range of tastes, styles and budgets. Browse through our unique exclusive ranges available via custom order or through our wonderful stockists. 


These ranges include: 



A unique range of ethically sourced coloured rose cut diamond engagement and dress rings using 100% recycled gold.   Drawing inspiration from living and travelling very different regions of Australia, Orion Joel designs and creates theses earthy pieces with a feeling of connecting the wearer to Mother Earth and all of the beauty and life-giving resources she provides.


‘The Olive Branch’ 

Bold and organic rings created from a direct mould of a real olive branch. Symbolising peace, friendship and good will, this stunning range is available in silver and all colours of gold. The range features wedding and commitment rings, Precious gem set rings and stacker rings.



A wide range of Nautical inspired men’s and women’s jewellery. This range was developed with feelings of adventure and nostalgia of my time growing up on and in the waters of Far North Queensland and the Great Barrier Reef. I was always captivated by the old tales of the sea and the history that were absorbed into old dive helmets, ropes, anchors and sea faring equipment.

In this range is a variety of antique style dive helmet rings, pendants and key chains, ships wheel and anchor cufflinks.



Jewellery for the Urban Bohemian. Designed by Orion Joel in Melbourne, ‘Bohemia’ is a modern range of jewellery drawing inspiration from the past featuring dress rings, pendants and earrings.


The Olive Branch